Hospital Direct Hire

Direct Hire - permanent placement with major US hospital systems. If you are an international nurse, healthcare professional, we can place you with direct hire - permanent placement with major healthcare facilities in USA.

Direct hire - permanent placement is beneficial for nurses because new hires become direct, permanent members of the staff upon arriving at their new position. They receive the same pay and benefits as regular staff members without pay reduction.

If you are an international nurse, this model benefits you by giving you the highest level of control over your professional and personal future. You get to pick where you live and work instead of being told where to go, and your future is more stable because your contract lasts longer than a year or two.

Healthcare employer, direct hire is beneficial because it delivers the fastest return on your international recruitment investment. This way, you save on recruitment costs and get the most qualified healthcare professional for your specific needs. This method is typically a more affordable way of reducing staffing shortages than relying on per-diem, contract, or travel nurses. Indeed, many of our clients see a full return on investment within brief period.

Direct hiring is a process in which a company offers you a job and employs you without using a third party. This structure is different from temporary or contract positions in which a staffing agency supplies and employs the talent.