Business Services

Amariah Consultant is a gateway to companies that are looking to expand their market base in the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East. Our services include complete corporate identity program that afford local and international companies, technical outsourcing services, domiciliation services, and professional administration services.

Amariah, Business Services Division, specializes in assisting overseas companies in establishing a business presence in the United States. We are prepared to assist your company, either on an ongoing basis or we can assist you with that one-time "special" project.

Amariah can assist you in all your business needs in U.S.A. Real estate, business set up, sponsorship, new and existing incorporation formation, conversion, and franchising consultancy. We can assist foreign companies for supplying US products and function as an agent for foreign companies in USA.

We can also help you in assisting for your purchasing needs from USA. We can supply US merchandise at the lowest possible purchase cost.